"Excellent and simple to use; the installation process was seamless even in virtual machines. For someone using SPSS regularly, StatsDirect is a refreshing and welcome change. There are prompts at data entry and a useful test page for those who want to try out the basics. Compared to SPSS, StatsDirect is simpler, pragmatic and clutter-free. I would honestly recommend it to all researchers"

Dr Sanjeev Sharma, Clinical Research Fellow in Diabetes
University of East Anglia

"Got a whole load of analysis done. I do very much like the software. Very easy to use, great help pages, and very clear navigation. Quite different to many other packages I could name.."

Andrew Sprod, Dental Epidemiology Programme Co-ordinator
NHS (South West England)

"StatsDirect is a fantastic product. I use a lot of software for different purposes (Statistica, SPSS, LogXact and StatXact) but for everyday analyses (which most of them are) this will certainly be my main tool. The report facility is brilliant. I can also see how this would be an excellent teaching tool. We use Minitab for teaching. But I will eagerly explore the possibility of a change. I will be spreading the word around. The program installed very easily. I don't know how you do it for the price."

John Petkov, Director of the Applied Statistics Unit
University of South Australia

"I have been a user of StatsDirect for a long time and Arcus before that. I have always thought that it is excellent software and have recommended to many of my colleagues and clients. I find it extremely useful in my role as an R&D adviser in the NHS. I just found your thesis on the internet today and I would like to say that it is a very interesting document. Your Doctorate was well deserved! Congratulations. It’s great that there are people with vision and technical expertise around like yourself. StatsDirect makes such a difference to people like me and the researchers that I deal with. Long may you continue to develop it (and keep it at an affordable price, unlike packages such as SPSS, Minitab and SAS etc)!"

Dr Roy Powell, Co-ordinator, Peninsula R&D Support Unit
Dorset Research and Development Support Unit, Exeter Branch

"I am still using this software! I might be one of the longest users! Just downloading the latest version. I wanted to share with you a new department team’s joy. I let them loose on RevMan 4 yesterday for a systematic review on helicobacter and hyperemesis – that was possibly going to need meta analysis. After 45 minutes of frustration they asked whether I had something else they could use. 10 minutes later after suggesting stats direct they had the forest plot in their hands and 15 minutes later the meta analysis. Admittedly they now need to go back to the books to identify what the L’Abbe and Funnel plot means but that is OK. They had cracked and understood the analysis process very quickly and were finding the system very user friendly. Great software. I am starting a research methods course for family doctors here and intend to use StatsDirect as our main software."

Dr Martin Dawes, Chair Family Medicine
McGill University

"Sincere congratulations for a great package... I am already doing things with ease that took considerable mental gymnastics and a lot of key strokes with my previous approaches..."

Dr Mike Bennett
University of New South Wales

"StatsDirect has made me look at Stats in a different way entirely"

Dr Michael Ward
Barts and The Royal London School of Anaesthesia

"I ran across your software and it’s great. I’ve been on a several-year quest for good software for biomedical/biological researchers, and thus far my favorite has been Sigmastat (I have at various times used SPSS, Systat and Statistica). StatsDirect seems as good as (and maybe better than) Sigmastat, and it’s much more affordable."

Dr David Julian, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
University of Florida

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